Books for Pastors was created to help meet the need of pastors in Majority World countries who often lack the resources and training to discover and teach the rich doctrines of God’s Word to their churches and communities.

We are making a difference in these pastors’ lives, while also following the Great Commission of Matthew 28, which calls us to make disciples of all nations.

Why is Books for Pastors needed?

In a 1999 memo to his team, John Stott outlined his vision. This is also our foundation for the Books for Pastors vision:

The vast majority of church leaders in the Majority World (also called the Third World) have never completed high school, and consequently never went on to college or Bible School. Many of these pastors have very few if any study resources, and no training to know how to use them.

Books for Pastors will provide reference books and training for these pastors in their heart language, and they can then take them and put them to use right away. For every book we provide, 10-12 pastors and leaders will be able to put its teaching to use. By finding and providing sound theology books, pastors can bring sound Biblical teaching to their churches, and help their communities to grow in the Lord.

John Piper said, “Pastoral and leadership training here in America is like opening another restaurant – there’s one on virtually every corner. On the other hand, pastoral and leadership training throughout the developing world is like opening a lone food bank in the midst of starving people!”

It is our goal at Books for Pastors to not only give these people good food to eat, but to teach them how to grow their own food and help feed each other.

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