Meet Our Team

Don Johnson: Founder of Books for Pastors

With a passion for helping pastors be more effective and a gift of encouragement, Don Johnson seeks to answer the Lord’s call to teach and minister to his fellow servants around the world, and especially in Latin America. Don is a graduate of Appalachian Bible College in Beckley, West Virginia, USA, with a B.A. degree in Pastoral Ministry and a Th.B. in Missions. He has a great interest in the areas of theology, and wants to use his gift of teaching to open the truth of God’s Word to “faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

Don has served in different local churches for many years in lay leadership roles and recently held a two year position as interim worship pastor in Faith Baptist Church, Beckley, WV. He uses his gifts and talents of music and encouragement to inspire people to draw closer to God and to worship the Creator of the universe.

Don has been married for over 30 years to the joy of his life, Debbie, and they have four grown children.

Dr. Earl Parvin: Teacher of World Views and World Religions

Dr. Parvin has degrees from Houghton College (B.A.), Columbia International University Graduate School of Missions (M.A.), Ashland Theological Seminary (M. Div.) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Doctor of Missiology). He and his wife served as foreign missionaries in Pakistan with TEAM mission and he was a pastor for six years prior to joining the faculty of Appalachian Bible College (Beckley, WV) as chairman of the missions department, serving for 21 years.

Following his term at Appalachian Bible College, Dr. Parvin served at Berean Mission as the Associate Director, supervising 14 fields at home and abroad, and was the Executive Director of the Association of North American Missions, a missions accrediting agency focusing on North America. He has conducted numerous presentations on Islam called Muslim Awareness Seminars, including one on Daniel’s Image and another on the Book of Revelation and the End Times. He has also presented a series on World View of various religions as seen in current world conditions, and his latest series is on Biblical Creation.

Dr. Parvin currently teaches Apologetics through conferences in several countries with World Reach Bible Institutes, and he also serves on the Board of Directors of Source of Light Ministries, Madison, GA.

The Parvins have four grown children all involved in serving the Lord, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He serves as chairman of the Faith Baptist Church missions committee, his wife, Alda, directs the Children’s Church program and enjoys an extensive women’s counseling ministry.

Alda and Earl Parvin

Glen Tallent: Theology and Church Leadership Instructor

Glen Tallent, after serving in the Air Force with a tour in Vietnam, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bryan College in Tennessee and his Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary in Colorado. He served as the pastor of two rural churches in West Virginia, helped establish a new church in Tennessee, served as a deacon, Christian Ed Director, in volunteer ministries, and in Christian school activities including various mission trips to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and also served in church construction in the Dominican Republic. All of these activities demonstrate his spiritual gifts of pastor/teacher, helps, and encouragement.

All of Glen's ministry was accomplished while also running his own general contracting business over the last thirty-four years. This provides Glen an opportunity for a special ministry of rehabilitating sub-contractors and encouraging these men to reach their potential and trust in God.

Most recently, Glen has been working on MAST projects (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) with Wycliffe Associates in Orlando. He is working on computer apps for translation work: specifically, two unlocked Bible versions and translation notes for new language groups.

Glen and Yvonne have been united in marriage and ministry for forty-three years. They have three grown daughters and six grandchildren with another arriving in early 2016.

Armando Zuniga: Teacher of evangelism, Master Instructor for EvanTell

Armando has taught over 100 evangelism seminars in four different countries and has activated believers for the spiritual harvest in both English- and Spanish-speaking cultures. He has trained pastors, leaders and lay people to share the gospel effectively. He has been a business owner for the last 15 years, a conference speaker for the last 6, and is currently a pastor of the Chase Oaks Church in Plano, TX. Armando has a Masters of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary.

As a master Instructor at EvanTell, Armando’s primary role is to motivate individuals in local churches to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28 by teaching them a clear and simple way of sharing their faith.

Armando was born near Mexico City, and was raised by grandparents until the age of 6 in a very small town in south central Mexico. At age 20, he moved to northern Mexico, and has now lived in the USA for more than 25 years. All of these experiences compel him to bring the hope of the gospel to many people in his country of birth, throughout Latin America and here in the United States.

Armando is married to his most precious and lovely wife Sharone,
and the joy of their lives is their 11-year-old adorable daughter by the name of Natalia.

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