Books for Pastors Equips Caribbean Pastors

Vieux Fort, St. Lucia was the place to be at the end of September, as the Word of Life Caribbean team hosted a conference for pastors and church leaders. There were 54 attendees, taught by Pastors Jeremy Benbrooks, David Neff, and Larry Lamberth. These men covered topics that are vital for pastors today, and included Hermeneutics (how to read the Bible) and the doctrines of Inspiration (where did we get our Bible?) and Salvation.

Books for Pastors helped to enhance the training of the attendees by providing more than 200 Bibles and books. Although many of us think of the Caribbean as a “rich man’s paradise” where there are “no troubles” for all, these islands are home to many of the poorest people in the world. Books for Pastors helps to step in and fill the gaps for pastors who cannot afford training and cannot afford even the simplest books to help them lead their churches.

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