Books for Pastors Crosses the Ocean!

In July 2019, Don Johnson answered a telephone call that changed the ministry work in a tremendous way and showed that God has plans that are far above anything we could ever dream.Following this phone call, and after receiving a couple other emails in the weeks prior to this, Don spent some time in prayer and consequently decided that now is the time to help our brothers and sisters in the great continent of Africa.After receiving a request for Bibles for graduates of the National Theological College and Graduate School (, Don found the African Study Bible—a Bible written by Africans for Africans. When others heard about this Bible and Books for Pastors providing this for the pastors there, the initial request for 40 Bibles turned into 130, then into 177, and is now just over 200. To meet this need, we will need a number of people who believe in equipping pastors with the right tools to donate $25 for each Bible. I hope that some of you who are readingthis will join the team as we branch out into Africa!