We Are Officially Multi-Continent!

The beginning of November 2019 marked the beginning of a new phase for Books for Pastors – we are now blessing pastors in Africa! An earlier post mentioned a request for Bibles to be given to pastors there who don’t have them, and as of today, we heard that 40 Bibles are in Kampala, Uganda and are ready to be picked up! According to Deogracious Muwanguzi, our primary contact in Uganda, “How can I start to show my gratitude to you for what you have just done for me and the pastors! I am sorry to actually inform you that your email has just moved my emotions to tears. This is all joy. Thank you so much my brother. We have been praying but not knowing who God will use to make it happen…. Your desire to send us Bibles has blown my understanding. Your desire to come and teach the pastors is an answer to my prayers. We are excited for your love for us. My goal for the school is to equip pastors in Uganda and beyond who are in their active ministry without training.” 

While this first mission has been completed, we have someone in Nigeria that needs some Bibles, and there is another request in Uganda for nearly 200 more Bibles. Please check out our Projects section for more details!