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More Bibles for Africa!

Books for Pastors is now multi-continental! We have had multiple requests for Bibles in Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa, to support the training at the Word of Life Bible Institutes and the National Theological College & Graduate School (NTCGS). As in Latin America, many of the pastors in Africa are serving their churches without a […]

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Gene Getz comes to WV!

The weekend of October 12th brought Dr. Gene Getz, author of “The Measure of a Man” to Faith Baptist Church in Prosperity, WV, along with his “Life Essentials Study Bible,” the first multi-media study Bible with QR codes that launch 1500 teaching videos of 10 to 15 minutes each led by Pastor Getz. Gene and […]

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We Are Officially Multi-Continent!

The beginning of November 2019 marked the beginning of a new phase for Books for Pastors – we are now blessing pastors in Africa! An earlier post mentioned a request for Bibles to be given to pastors there who don’t have them, and as of today, we heard that 40 Bibles are in Kampala, Uganda […]

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A Weekend with Gene Getz 

The weekend of October 12th, 2019 was a time to forge new friendships, renew some old one, and enjoy fellowship over a study of the Word of God at Faith Baptist Church in Prosperity, West Virginia.  During a Saturday afternoon men’s study, we were able to look into Getz’s best-selling book, “The Measure of a […]

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Doing God’s Will in Mexico

What do you get when you mix two teachers from the United States, 180 men and women from all across the country of Mexico, and a camp near Ixmiquilpan in Hidalgo, Mexico?  You get a few days of great food, lively discussion, and training in theology and creationism straight from the Word of God!  In the middle of August 2019, […]


Books for Pastors Crosses the Ocean!

In July 2019, Don Johnson answered a telephone call that changed the ministry work in a tremendous way and showed that God has plans that are far above anything we could ever dream.Following this phone call, and after receiving a couple other emails in the weeks prior to this, Don spent some time in prayer […]